Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Review


Mint Cosmetics Review

Mint Cosmetics is a premium home teeth whitening kit which contains Sodium Bicarbonate (Na HCO3) combined with Activated Oxygen a teeth whitening gel which is up to 400% faster acting than most Peroxide based products, not to mention safer.


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Get Whiter Teeth Faster with Mint Cosmetics

Whiter teeth help make people look younger. Because of this, many teeth whiteners are being offered in the market since there’s a huge demand for them. Mint Cosmetics is one of the best teeth whiteners that you can try if you are looking for a fast and effective teeth whitener that you can use at the comfort of your own home.

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Teeth whitening kits are scattered all over the market because they are in demand due to their aesthetic benefits. And because of that, you can’t be sure that every whitening kit that you will buy is FDA approved and effective. That is why trying popular brands is advisable. Because these brands made their products based on high quality standards, which made them well-known, you can be sure that you are safe when you use them. A popular brand that’s proven to work is one of the safest and most effective teeth whitening kits that you will ever get to try.

Why is Mint Cosmetics Recommended?

This teeth whitening product is recommended to use because it is quite safe and very much effective. The product is even registered with the FDA, which proves that it is safe to use.

  • 400% Faster than Its Competitors

This teeth whitening kit is quite convenient to use because you can apply it anytime of the day. Because you will only have to wear it for 30 minutes, you don’t have to wear it overnight to see amazing results. But even if you only have to wear it for a few minutes each day, it works way faster than its competition.

  • 300% Stronger than Most Teeth Whiteners

Mint Cosmetics is also quite effective because it is 300% stronger than most teeth whiteners. The strength of the 6% Hydrogen Peroxide that is in the teeth whitening kit solution will make your teeth whiter in a shorter amount of time.

Carbamide Peroxide, which is used in other teeth whitening products, takes a lot of time to whiten teeth because it has to break down to become Hydrogen Peroxide before it can clean the teeth stains. But when you use this product, you will only have to do a one-step process that only lasts for 30 minutes because you will be using Hydrogen Peroxide directly.

  • Longer Lasting Results

Mint Cosmetics also provides longer lasting results. Your teeth will stay white for two years, without any need for reapplication. This means that you will be able to save a lot of money on this teeth whitening kit because you do not have to use the product often.

This also saves you a lot of time because you will be enjoying long lasting results by just using the product for 30 minutes. Thus, you will be able to have pearly white teeth for a long period of time without going through a lot of trouble.

  • Customized Mouth Tray

When you use Mint Cosmetics, you also don’t have to be bothered with using uncomfortable mouth trays. Customized mouth trays are used in this teeth whitening kit to make the process more comfortable for you. This results in a comfortable teeth whitening experience without even realizing that you are using mouth trays to whiten your teeth.

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