A Complete Guide to Teeth Whitening Products

A professional tooth whitening product can certainly help to brighten your smile, making you to look more attractive and beautiful. But given the number of teeth whitening products these days, it is a bit difficult to tell which of these products you should buy. Some of these over the counter home whitening products cost less, while others could cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

It is worth knowing that the teeth whitening products actually come in several different varieties. You will find teeth whitening pens, strips, creams, pastes, liquids, gels, and even teeth whitening devices. To help you decide which is suitable for you, then read this guide now.

Teeth Whitening Pen

A tooth whitening pen is the kind of product that you simply apply directly on your teeth in order to make it whiter. It is so easy to use for all you need to do is to twist at the top and then the pen will disperse some gel towards your teeth.

The pen is recommended to be used twice a day, after brushing. Of all the whitening pens, one brand that stands out is the Idol White. It is really effective at brightening your teeth and if you use it more often, you will have a sparkling set of pearly whites. The pen is also capable of removing stains that might have gotten to your teeth coming from the food that you eat.

Teeth Whitening Gels

Gels are another tooth whitening product that is known to be very effective in giving you a beautiful set of pearly whites, and yes, they are great at whitening your teeth, too. Most of the whitening gels are actually made of hydrogen peroxide, and in some instances, carbamide peroxide is added to make it even more effective.

These are two ingredients that have been proven to be very effective in whitening the teeth. The strength of the whitening gel would vary with different kits and the whitening solution that contains at least 15% of these effective ingredients is really a great choice. Anything stronger than that is not recommended as this might just make your teeth very sensitive with hot or cold drinks.

One of the best teeth whitening systems that make use of gel is the one from Bella Laboratories. It is not only effective but it is easy to use as well. All you’ve got to do is to brush the gel directly on your teeth and you will have a beautiful set of pearly whites in no time.

Another product that has great reviews is made by Zero Peroxide. Their kit comes with a gel pen, so you can touch up your teeth while you are out and about.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Tooth whitening strips are another variety of whitening products that is truly effective in making your teeth white. The strip is easy to use as well for you simply have to attach it on your teeth to make it whiter and more beautiful. The strength of the whitening strip will depend on the amount of peroxide that is used in them and will also depend on the brand of the product.

If you choose to use this kind of product in whitening your pearly whites, make sure to look for something that is ADA approved. This means that these products are safe to use and that they are guaranteed to give you the best results. Teeth whitening strips that are not ADA approved are not only a waste of money but will also give you some uncomfortable side effects after using. So do your research well and make sure to choose the best brand of teeth whitening strips.

Teeth Whitening Kits

If you want an all in one solution to make your teeth white, then you can invest on a tooth whitening kit. It is an entire set of professional whitening products that you can use at home without the need of any professional help.

Most of the kids work in the same concept as that of the professional teeth whitening systems that several dentists would use in whitening their patients’ teeth. But of course, these home whitening kits are much cheaper than having to have a dentist do it for you.

One of the best brands of teeth whitening kits in the market is the Alta White. It works in three easy ways. First, you make use of a color ring to open the bottle of the teeth whitening powder. Then, dunk the wet applicator towards the powder so that the powder sticks right through the applicator. And finally, apply the whitening powder on your teeth by rubbing the applicator gently. Make sure to apply the powder on each and every part of your teeth and that no visible areas should be left.

Another company that makes a great kit is Mint Cosmetics. Many prefer it, because it is faster and stronger than its competitors. Make sure you check our our review on them.

Teeth Whitening Paste

Tooth whitening paste works just like your regular toothpaste that you simply brush it on your teeth and you will have a clean and whiter set of pearly whites. The effectiveness of the whitening paste will be based mainly on the ingredients that were used for it. Most of these toothpastes are capable of removing any stains on your teeth, including those that were caused by smoking and drinking too much coffee.

It is important to look for the kind of whitening toothpaste that contains special abrasives that will gently polish the teeth. Those that have sodium tripolyphosphate are also recommended. This is a kind of chemical that works to dissolve stains on your teeth by breaking it down so they will disappear when you brush your teeth off.

So these are some of the tooth whitening products that you can buy when looking for a whitening solution that can give you a set of beautiful and healthy teeth. Remember that using these products is not enough to keep your teeth healthy. You need to also make sure that you brush your teeth regularly and of course, use a floss to remove the plaques in between your teeth. Above all, choose the food that you eat and if possible, minimize your consumption of coffee and avoid smoking.